The Oxford Reference Dictionary
作者:【英国】Joyce Hawkins

出版社注明为:Clarendon Press。 所谓Reference Dictionary就是从一个字条出发将相关的东西一起进行解释的一种方式。 例如:The Body一条就完整的串联了人体各个部位的名称,有些甚至是非常专业的名词。


A reference work of the broadest possible utility, this dictionary contains not only conventional material--over 49,000 vocabulary items with definitions, pronunciation and etymology--but more than 6000 encyclopedic entries, varying from fifty to 250 words on a wide range of subjects, including history, literature, music, cinema, theater, languages, myth and legends, theology, science and technology. Ninety pages of specially drawn illustrations and eight pages of maps enhance the text. Some twenty pages of appendices contain useful lists: weights and measures, chemical elements, U.S. presidents, and much more. Thoroughly up to date, the Dicionary features entries on specific inventions (e.g., the airplane, computer, traffic lights), an entry for each major language, and a brief history of every independent country in the world. Among the general subjects are anesthetics, astrology, astronomy, evolution, Impressionism, the Industrial Revolution, linguistics and printing. Proper name entries cover capital cities and other major metropolises as well as rivers and mountains and significant figures ranging from Charlemagne to Charlie Chaplin, from Darwin to Dickens.


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